Friday, July 23, 2010

Fantasy Camp Day 5 Miss Teen USA Prelims

The girls' photo shoot on the beach!

Our amazing view from the Sun Suite.

Today we got to sleep in a little bit, so we started the day at 8:00AM. Next it was a fun-filled day that the campers had been looking forward too! The girls got to have their hair and make up done, then us camp counselors helped the girls pose for their photos. They had head shots taken, then a fun picture, an evening gown photo and a swimsuit photo on the beach. The girls had an absolute blast with this!

Nicole Johnson and I at Mosaic.

Crystle Stewart giving her speech.

Then we had lunch at Mosaic in the Cove, which is a really fancy buffet. LeBron James was staying in the Cove, so we were all hoping to see him but didn't have any luck! After lunch we headed back to the Sun Suite and listened to Crystle Stewart's, Miss USA 2008, motivational speech.

After her speech we got ready for the Awards Presentation. During the week us camp counselors hand made sash's to fit each camper's personality. We had a Miss Runway Diva and a Miss Covergirl to name a few. This was such a fun presentation! The girls' had a blast, and us camp counselors were presented with engraved trophies for our work that week.

Our cute dinner before prelims!

Our yummy dessert, anyone who knows me knows I can't resist dessert!

After the presentation of the awards, we headed to a private dinner that was beautifully set up. Miss USA 2010, Rima Fakih, ate with us. It was fun to be able to catch up with her!

All the girls in their sashes waiting for Miss Teen USA prelims to begin!

Amanda in swimsuit!

Amanda in evening gown!

All of the Miss Teen USA contestants in evening gown!

Next it was off to the Miss Teen USA prelims. It was amazing to watch my little sis Amanda Soltero, Miss Teen Nebraska USA, rock the stage! She did an amazing job! After the prelims show it was off to bed, we had a long day and were ready for some shut eye!

Belinda Wright

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