Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Omaha Morning Blend

It was great to be asked back on the Omaha Morning Blend at CBS. The first time I was on I was promoting and talking about my preparations for Miss USA. Today I was welcomed back and talked about my experience at Miss USA and what I was up to this summer. We discussed my upcoming events like ALS in the Heartland Sizzle Under the Stars on July 17th where I will auction off a date package to raise money for ALS patients. Mary and I joked about competing against each other in Youth Emergency Services Dance for a Chance 2010, where Mary and I will be local celebrities dancing to raise money for the Youth Emergency Services in August.

Mary Nelson, the Morning Blend host, and I.

Check out the interview here: Omaha Morning Blend Interview

All the best,
Belinda Wright

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Matt McKay Mornings

Last night Amanda Soltero, Miss Nebraska Teen USA, came over and stayed the night. We got to catch up and have some true girl time. Before we knew it, we were up bright and early in the morning, 6AM to be exact, and getting ready for Matt McKay Mornings on 106.3 KFRX in Lincoln.

We had previously met Matt McKay at a Stars Hockey game we went to earlier this year. If you've ever listened to his show, you know he is spunky and so much fun! It was great to be in the studio. We were promoting Miss Teen USA where Amanda will be competing in the Bahamas. The webcast will be aired at missteenusa.com and seventeen.com on July 24th. Amanda will go to compete for Miss Teen USA July 19th-24th. You can go onto missteenusa.com and rate her 5 stars!

While on Matt McKay Mornings we talked to Lindsey and Matt about how we got involved in pageants and how we have stayed humble throughout the entire experience. It was such a fun show and we can't wait to go back on soon!

Yours Truly,

Monday, June 21, 2010

Metro Magazine Cover Photo-Shoot

It was noon, and I was at Laurie and Charles Photograph Studio in downtown Omaha. Be sure to check out their website, they are a great team and produce gorgeous pictures. Today we were shooting the cover for Metro Magazine for the July issue promoting Sizzle Under the Stars for the 2010 ALS Bachelor & Bachelorette Charity Auction.

We had a great team working on the cover. Eric Burden from Bungalow/eight did my hair and Kelly Haley, a Pro Makeup Artist from Sephora did my makeup. We had a blast getting ready for this photoshoot. I wore a fabulous 50's style gold swimsuit with a flag backdrop. I had bright red lips and some crazy hair. I can't wait to see how the cover of this magazine turns out. And hopefully it brings more attention to ALS in the Heartland and this great event to bring more money to ALS patients!

Hair and make up touch ups.

The photographer Charles and I.

The entire team.

The cover shot to come in July!

All the best,

Friday, June 11, 2010

ALS in the Heartland Golf Classic

I had a blast helping out at the ALS in the Heartland Golf Classic at the Tiburon Golf Club in Omaha.

But now on to the important stuff! Please take the time to read on and learn about this disease and organization, once you have I promise it will touch your heart. You may be wondering what ALS is? ALS is amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig's disease, is an insidious disease that strikes the nerves we need to manipulate the muscles we use daily. Roughly 30,000 people nationwide have ALZ, more than 5,000 are diagnosed each year. Almost 2 times more men than women, and 1.5 times more military service members than the general population are affected by ALS.

Symptoms can range from muscle twitching, to difficulties in walking and holding items, to slurred speech and poor breathing. It affects the major muscle groups: legs, arms, diaphram and the bulbar region (speaking, chewing and swallowing). ALS does not affect our sense of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch; it generally does not affect the intellect, bladder and bowel functions, or sexual functions.

Helping with raffles.

The age of people diagnosed can range from 20's through the 70's and 80's. The average lifespan from the date of diagnosis is 2-5 years. Most cases are sporadic. This is a lengthy and challenging disease that not only affects the individual diagnosed, but also the entire family and circle of friends.

ALS in the Heartland is a nonprofit organization that needs awareness in Nebraska. This organization serves patients, caregivers and families. They aim to enhance the quality of life of all people affected by ALS. ALS help to heighten community awareness of this devestating disesase, and to strengthen public and legislative support in the fight against ALS. Their services include in-home consultants, support groups, community resources and referrals, an equipment program and a respite care voucher program.

With one of the golfers.
There is no known prevention measure, and no known cure at this time or definitive explanation of the cause. This means ALS can affect any of us. That is what makes this organization so special. It is an honor to help spread their message and bring awareness. Check out their website by clicking here.

With an ALS in the Heartland volunteer.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Scotia Homecoming

It was an amazing feeling to be back in my hometown where I attended school since kindergarden. I came back to not only be with friends and family, but to celebrate our great town Scotia! I was honored to be apart of our Scotia Homecoming parade as the Grand Marshal. The parade was fun, rain and all. Yes, I said rain. Well more like a sudden downpour right in the middle of the parade! I laughed my way through it, and by the end I was drenched! This was a memory I will never forget! My first parade of the summer, and good ole Nebraska weather decides to shower us with lots of rain. :-)

Getting soaked in the middle of the parade.

Then it was off to the canopy for a meet and greet. I was able to sign lots of autographs and talk to a great number of people I hadn't seen in a very long time. This was extremely special to me, because I have received an overwhelming amount of support from Scotia. Every single person has been so gracious with all kinds of acts of kindness. I'll always be a Scotia girl!

I used to teach these girls dance back in the day! Now they're all grown up!

With Krista Hermsmeyer, our Scotia Homecoming Queen. I was Scotia Homecoming Queen back in 2006!

All the best,