Sunday, May 15, 2011


With the girls involved with Teammates

On Saturday, May 7th, I visited Ord, Nebraska to attend the Teammates Tea. Mentors, along with their girls and the girls' mothers came together to get manicures and get their make up done. We had a nice dinner and then it was time for me to speak.

Speaking to the mentors and mentees

I spoke to the group about life, hope and possibilities. I reached out to the girls about dreaming big and creating BHAGS: big hairy audacious goals. I shared my life story and answered lots of questions about the Miss USA pageant, life as Miss Nebraska and the importance of education. I had such a good time being able to have an intimate setting where I could share my views and strive to inspire the Teammates group. After the speech I took pictures with the girls and signed autographs for each of them.
Signing autographs for the girls.
The Teammates Mentoring Program was founded by University of Nerbaska- Lincoln Head Football Coach Tom Osborne and his wife Nancy. There are over 4,000 matches across Nebraska, Iowa and California. I hope everyone, no matter your age, continues to set goals and go after your dreams! It was such an honor to be asked to speak to this amazing group of women.

Belinda Wright

Friday, May 6, 2011

Stepping up to the plate

May 1, 2011 I attended the Storm Chasers baseball game in Omaha in honor of the Nebraska Family Support Network. Over 175 people, consisting of children and families boarded buses at the Nebraska Family Support Network office and came to the ballgame. I threw out the first pitch of the game to kick off Children's Mental Health Awareness Month for NFSN.

After throwing out the fist pitch, I was thrilled to be welcomed by smiles and hugs from the Nebraska Family Support Network crew. I autographed pictures and baseballs for the kids and their parents. This event completely made my day, everyone was so kind and excited. It was a great day spent with amazing people.

May is National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Month. According to the Surgeon General “the MECA Study (Methodology for Epidemiology of Mental Disorders in Children and Adolescents) estimated that almost 21 percent of U. S. Children ages 9 -17 have a diagnosable mental or addictive disorder.” While bad temper tantrums and the occasional bad mood are normal for developing healthy emotions, when actions or behaviors begin to seem questionable or at times even frightening many Douglas and Sarpy County families need to find resources to help cope. Nebraska Family Support Network is a non-profit organization focused on helping families find resources and improving knowledge about mental health awareness among Douglas and Sarpy County residents.

I chose to wear green during the event. The color green signifies ones awareness to the needs of children and youth with behavioral, social or mental health disabilities. Green is the chosen color because during the 1800’s the color green was used to label a person with mental health disabilities as “insane”. In order to use green as a more positive message the mental health community has chosen to use green to symbolize new life, new health, and new beginning. Much in the way that a revived plant in the spring turns green with its new life, green can symbolize the change proper resources and correct treatment have in reviving the life of a child with mental health disabilities.

Best wishes,
Belinda Wright