Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fantasy Camp Day 2 Project Sunshine

We started the day with a work out on the beach with Josh Rogers. Well, I should say that the campers worked out on the beach! I would have been willing to jump in and work out with the girls, but me and morning work outs don't always go over too well. I did get some great work out tips from Josh though!

Our awesome cheer!

After the work out it was off to breakfast then to our cheer competition. My group did a dance to "All the Pageant Ladies" I spin off of Beyonce's "All the Single Ladies." It was a great group building experience, plus a lot of fun!

Everyone working hard on our cards!

Next was my personal favorite of the day: Project Sunshine. We made cards for terminally ill children; each card was different with each girl's personal touch. The cards we made will go to a hospital and given to each child. Project Sunshine is a nonprofit organization program to children and families living with medial challenges. It's a great program. You should definitely check it out!

With my campers!!

Make up lessons

Next up on our busy day was hair and make up lessons. We had Linda Rondinella, the expert of make up, give lessons and Chi professionals, including Anna, who did my hair at Miss USA! She is amazing! The girls were very lucky to be able to work with Linda, who did all of the Miss Teen USA contestants' make up, and work with Chi professionals, who did our hair at Miss USA. After they learned the basics, us councilors helped the girls out.

To follow our make up lessons it was a Girl Talk with Stormi, Miss Teen USA. The girls got to ask her any questions they wanted and got to just chat with Stormi.

Then we had some free time! So I took my two girls to the pool and Sarah came with! It was amazing and definitely needed to relax by the pool. There are so many gorgeous pools all of Atlantis. After the pool we went to dinner at Market Place and then had the opportunity to explore one of the amazing aquariums.

Sara Brooks and I.

Campers Anna and Robin!

After the aquarium we headed up to the sun suite and had a discussion on "What is a Titleholder." All counselors gave their definitions and experiences and the campers asked lots of good questions that led us into about what we all thought a titleholder is about and the responsibilities that come with the job. It was a great conversation and I feel everyone benefited from it!

Then it was lights out after our long day!

xoxox Belinda

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