Saturday, November 20, 2010

Life After The Crown

A photo I took this fall.

It’s been close to a month since I’ve passed the crown to the new Miss Nebraska, and I must say it has been one crazy busy month! Graduation is approaching and I’ve not only been figuring out life after the crown, but also life after graduation!

My boyfriend Michael and I.

On December 18th I will be graduating from the University of Nebraska- Lincoln with a bachelors in Education and Human Sciences majoring in clothing and textile design/ journalism and mass communications with an emphasis on advertising. Interesting fun fact: I was informed that I have the longest major name on campus!

Pumpkin Night.

My puppy Harley and I.

I’ve been pulled in many directions and picking a road to travel down has not been easy. I have a complex array of interests and aspirations. But I finally decided the best way to start, is by committing to my platform when I was Miss Nebraska and focus on the Importance of Education. Last week I was accepted into graduate school at UNL and will start this spring. This was great news, because I had spent long hours studying for the entrance exam (GRE) and had worked hard in my undergraduate career to have this opportunity. In graduate school I will be getting my masters in Marketing, Communications and Advertising, aka a MCA. I should finish in May 2012 and will then start my post education career in the fashion/entertainment industry! Feel free to check out my online portfolio here:

My sister and I in Chicago.

Other than staying extremely busy with school, I have been getting maximum quality time with my friends and family. It's Husker season so I spend a lot of my Saturdays cheering on the Huskers in our last season in the Big 12. My sister and I took a trip to Chicago to check out possible careers. I was asked to come to Ford and Elite models. While there, I was told I was an inch too short for industry standards despite them loving my look and other measurements. This was a bit of a let down, but with failure comes opportunity. I decided it was a sign for me to veer my focus in another light. Since I am a clothing and textile design major I am eager to work behind the scenes or even pursue on camera work. We stayed in Chicago for 3 days and were able to look at a school with a masters program I was considering, looked at some businesses, and also enjoyed time on Michigan Avenue and Navy Pier! It was a great 3-day trip!

Some of my best friends have came from pageants.

Lots of ideas have been running though my mind of things I would also like to pursue. I am in the works of starting an image consulting company and also would like to further explore photography. I love the West Coast and Chicago, so hopefully I will be in one of those areas in a year and a half. I am still actively involved in the community and look forward to inspiring others to "make a difference."

I still miss my dad every day, and I can't say I agree with the saying that "time heals all." With the holidays approaching, times will be tough. I cherish all of the time I get to spend with my family and love them dearly. On a brighter note, my brother and his wife are pregnant with their first baby! I'm so excited to be an aunt and pray for a healthy baby!

My beautiful family at a wedding!

For now, I am excited to continue to live "the good life" here in Nebraska! I don't think there's a better saying for this state! I'll be staying in touch and updating this blog monthly, stay tuned for more of my journey of "Life After the Crown."

Yours truly,