Monday, February 22, 2010

The Real Story of The Big Bad Wolf

It's the little things that just put a great big smile on your face, and this afternoon it was 20 little first graders at Papillon Elementary. I was welcomed with lots of smiles and excitement this afternoon.

The teachers picked out a great book for me to read to the first graders: "The Real Story of The Big Bad Wolf." This was a spin on the classic story of the 3 Little Pigs that we all remember hearing when we were growing up. While reading they were very attentive and asked lots of questions!

After I finished the book, the students asked lots and lots of questions. They couldn't believe that I grew up in a town of only 3oo people! The little girls told me how they wanted to be Miss Nebraska one day, and I even had a couple boys ask if they could be Mr. Nebraska. ;-) I surprised them all with autograph cards, and ended the day with lots of hugs and smiles.

Yours truly,
Belinda Wright
Miss Nebraska USA

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Miss USA: May 16th

The official date for Miss USA has been changed to May 16th 2010. I am so incredibly thankful for this date change, because now I will not have to worry about missing almost a month of school! It was a tough decision, but I decided to remain a full time student after winning Miss Nebraska, and have been balancing school, work, Miss Nebraska appearances and preparation for Miss USA. I had talked to my professors prior to enrolling in their classes, and they were willing to work with me, but I was going to have to get ahead in my classes, do homework while I was at Miss USA, and take finals right away when I got back! So you can imagine the weight lifted off of my shoulders when they changed the date of the pageant. Now I will be able to take my finals before leaving for Miss USA, and officially be on summer vacation, a semester away from graduation!

Vanbros girls on The road to Miss USA 2010!

Along with 50 other contestants, we will venture to Vegas at the start of May. We'll spend two and a half weeks competing for the job of Miss USA. Updates will be posted at May can not come soon enough! I'm so excited to meet all of these amazing women.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Official Vanbros Photo Shoot

A huge thanks to my directors from Vanbros for setting up this amazing photo shoot. I was able to work with Will Patterson, an amazing photographer from Kansas City, Lisa Proctor (spectacular make up artist from Tennessee) and Bryan Wood (awesome hair stylist from Tennessee). They were such a joy to work with. We had such a fun day! Here are the finished photos!

Yours Truly,
Belinda Wright
Miss Nebraska USA

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

National Girls & Women in Sports Day

Tonight, Amanda and I spent the evening at the Devaney Center celebrating National Girls & Women in Sports Day. We began the evening by signing autographs with several other women athletes from the University of Nebraska- Lincoln. From 6PM to 7PM we were able to meet with numerous children and adults and sign autographs and take photos with them. We got lots of questions about the pageant, and were able to expand and explain to everyone how positive the pageant experience is.

It was great to be apart of a celebration where women are recognized in athletics. I was a competitive gymnast my entire childhood. I continued to stay active in volleyball and track and field into high school. I debated running hurdles in college, but then decided to take a break from sports and concentrate on school and expanding in other areas. I strongly believe sports helps discipline and teach children to work with others on a team. Sports help to teach kids how to work towards a goal and achieve it. This is a great quality to carry throughout life.

Attorney General Jon Brunning at the Husker Women's basketball game

We were then able to sit down and watch our # 5 lady huskers women's basketball team beat Oklahoma State University. Let me tell you, our women's basketball team is amazing! There was a crowd of 13,000 people to help support them!

At half time Amanda and I went down on the court and were announced on Husker Vision.

It's always great to get out in the community and have the chance to meet so many amazing people! Amanda and I had a great night!

Yours Truly,
Belinda Wright
Miss Nebraska USA