Sunday, May 16, 2010

Miss USA 2010

Donald Trump introducing the show.

Natalie and Curtis opening the show.

We packed our bags, in hopes that we would be the one girl to be moved to the Planet Hollywood suite later that night, and fly our to NYC the very next morning. This was bitter sweet. The Miss Universe Staff, our chaperons, and the Miss USA class of 2010 class had become one big family! Being together for 2 and a half weeks brought us all so close. It was sad to think of us spreading across the U.S. after tonight.

Getting ready backstage before the big show!

Our wardrobe rack backstage.

Finals day morning came quickly. We headed straight to dress rehearsal then had 3 hours to get ready for the world wide televised show on NBC. A hairspray fog filled the backstage area and make up products were everywhere. Girls were quietly getting ready for the big show. The top 15 had already been chosen. It was all out of our hands now.

Opening Number Dance.

Before I knew it, I heard the pre-taped introductions going, and that meant one thing, the show had started! Next it was time for my dance group and I to open the show. Tik Tok came on and we rocked it out! Dancing in front of millions of people on network TV is something I will never forget.
Announcement of Top 15.

After the dance, we "patiently" awaited for Natalie and Curtis to announce the top 15. I thought it wasn't in my cards, till I heard NEBRASKA called! I can't explain the joy that came over me as walked to place and couldn't stop smiling.

Top 15 states on the map. Photo curtsy of Carly Palmer.

Top 15 in swimsuit. Photo curtsy of Carly Palmer.

Next we were backstage. Lou was prepping us for our swimsuit walks. We were so excited and nervous all at the same time! The Boys Like Girls started to play Heartbreak and it was about time for us to take the stage.

Top 15 in swimsuit.

Swimsuit went great and I am so blessed to have made it that far. But making it in the top 10 was not in my cards. I went backstage and changed into evening gown and then went out to perform the evening gown dance. Then backstage again to cheer on the remaining girls.

As we went back on stage. Two girls received special awards: Miss Photogenic (voted by the online voters) and Miss Congeniality (voted by the contestants). Miss Congeniality reflects the respect and admiration of the delegate's peers who voted for her as the most congenial, charismatic and inspirational participant. To my great surprise, I heard, "And Miss Congeniality goes to.....Nebraska!!" I was shocked, honored, and thankful. This meant the absolute world to me. I took my place on stage, with my eyes full of tears. I had made friends to last a lifetime. I will always be forever thankful.

Miss Congeniality 2010.

The show went quick from then on out. Rima Fakih, Miss Michigan, was named the new Miss USA 2010. I was so happy for her! Then it was off to see my family and friends who had made the trip out to support me! I can't thank each and every person enough for this amazing opportunity to represent the state of Nebraska at Miss USA. Although I didn't win, I am happy to leave my legacy as the first Miss Nebraska to ever win Miss Congeniality and the first Miss Nebraska in 30 years to make the top 15!

My amazing chaperon Pennie who came all the way back to Scotia, NE with me!

My amazing family and friends who made the trip to Vegas!

My best friend Sara and her mom after the pageant.

With Miss Rhode Island and Vermont.

Videos from Finals night are posted below.
Miss USA 2010 Top 15 Semifinalists

Top 15 in Swimsuit

Miss USA 2010 Special Awards (Miss Congeniality)

Journey to the Crown

Thanks again,
Belinda Wright

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mr. Trump

Trump giving us a pep talk.

Today was the day that we had all anticipated and have heard stories about. Today we met Mr. Trump himself. We each got to shake his hand and talk with him a little bit one on one. He prepped us for the competition. Since Donald Trump owns the Miss Universe organization, it was very exciting to get to meet someone I had heard so much about!

All 51 contestants and Donald Trump.

Belinda Wright

Thursday, May 13, 2010


May 13th through May 15th we rehearsed for 12 hours a day! It was exhausting to say the least, but we had to make sure everyone had every step of the final, televised show down. It was fun to be able to get to know the girls and staff better while we were on breaks and waiting to go on stage.

Pre-taped introductions.

We learned new walking patterns for swimsuit and evening gown, rehearsed the opening number dance and new choreography for the show. We also recorded our intros for the telecast. These would open the show on NBC on May 16th!

Rehearsing away!

We were able to work with Trace Adkins, who was performing for our evening gown competition, Boys Like Girls, who performed for swimsuit, Curtis Stone and Natalie Morales (the hosts), and Joan and Melissa Rivers who would be commentating backstage. Joan was hilarious to say the least!

Long hours in rehearsals!

Trace Adkins.

Joan and Melisa Rivers.

After each rehearsal we were able to meet with our parents and directors which made the end of each day so much better!

With my mom, Michael and Auntie at the meet and greet.

Yours Truly,
Belinda Wright
Miss Nebraska USA

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Miss USA Preliminaries!

Tuesday evening I arrived back in Vegas, accompanied by my mom and sister. When I arrived I immediately had the night off! This was our one and only night off during the entire competition to be with our families. So my family and I went out to eat and walked the strip and got some good relaxation in.

My mom brother and I at the Bellagio.

The next morning I was up bright and early for my interview. Five other girls volunteered to do interviews with me, since i was gone the day everyone did the interviews. This is my favorite part of competition because we get to show the judges our true personalities. They went great!


Right after interviews we were thrown into dress rehearsals. I had to learn the walk and schedule that day. It was stressful playing catch up for the days I had been gone, but luckily I got everything down and excitedly got ready for prelims!

The night went great! It was fun to be able to finally hit the stage after weeks, I mean MONTHS of practicing and preparing! It was a special evening because we all wore pins on our sashes in honor of my dad.

Swimsuit Prelims


Monday, May 10, 2010

A Special Thank You

A wanted to take a moment to thank everyone so much for all of the thoughts and prayers sent my way during the difficult situation I was placed in. May 7th, I received the horrific news that my father had been killed in a farming accident. Words cannot express the pain I was immediately struck by. I was fortunate enough to have the support from the Miss Universe Organization, who sent me on an immediate flight home to be with my family.

With my parents after winning Miss Nebraska USA in October 2009

I can't thank everyone enough for the tremendous amount of support and encouragement that gave me the spirit to fly back to Las Vegas and continue to compete for Miss USA in honor of my dad.

My dad and I at my brother's wedding in March 2010.

Every card, text, phone call, email, and facebook post truly touched my heart. Every pray was felt, not only by me, but also my family, friends, and new sisters I made at Miss USA. Along with my new guardian angel, it gave me the strength to go on to compete for my dream of becoming Miss USA.

I hope my story can help others going through difficult times. It's not easy, but being surrounded by love helps everything.

My dad, Harry Wright, lives on through my mom, Cyrstal Wright, my brother, Maceo Wright, my sister, Amber Wright, and myself. I would love to explain his amazing and inspirational life story, but my words cannot do him justice.

Love Always,
Belinda Wright

Friday, May 7, 2010

Rockin the Runway

6AM came way to early, but I rolled out of bed and headed down for another morning work out. I was sore from the day before, and today's workout was much harder! Our trainer worked us hard! E! Entertainment was their filming, so I had to fight my way through the pain!

Ready for our early morning work out!

After breakfast we were in rehearsals all day. I was picked with 5 other girls to be apart of the "A" group. We were all former dancers, so it was fun to work with them on our challenging opening number routine! We nailed the opening number dance and then worked with Lou, runway diva extraordinaire. This woman is amazing! She is a former super model who modeled for over 20 years and now works with Elite Model Management. She is one of the original hot runway girls. Her famous quote is: "There are only 2 people in the world, those who want to be me, and those who want to marry me. Which one are you?"

At breakfast.

Then it was time to get ready for Rock the Runway Fashion Show at the Fashion Show mall. This was a blast to finally get on stage and walk the runway. We all wore shirts sponsored by Forever 21.

Waiting to hit the stage for the Rockin the Runway Fashion Show

Kristen Dalton and I.

Goofy girls!

Then it was off to dinner at Bucca di Peppo. We got to cook with the chef and eat amazing pasta and a huge brownie dessert!

All the contestants outside of Bucca di Beppo!

Cooking with the chef!

With our Amazing dessert!

Yours Truly,